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  • GTM Monitoring is a SME operating from NZ and Australia with our own manufactured hardware and software designed and built solutions.  This enables us to offer flexibility with tailored solutions to suite individual client’s digital devices. 
  • Clients can self-monitor or contract our services.  Our system is autonomous of the hardware so as not to void hardware warranty.  Being independent and self-sufficient with data being stored in the cloud for access anytime/anywhere or on location for remote installations.
  • All monitoring and reporting services are flexible, designed to best service individual clients, hardware and environmental requirements.

GTM Water Analyser

Water monitoring continues to be an important focus for the world.

Water is nature 

ecosystems lie at the heart of the global water cycle WATER IS:

  • Urbanisation – every week one million people move into cities
  • Industry – more water is used to manufacture a car than to fill a swimming pool
  • Energy – water and energy are inseparable friends
  • Food – to produce two steaks, you need 15,000 L of water
  • Equality – every day, women spend millions of hours carrying water

We offer comprehensive flow monitoring with water on-line analysis for environmental monitoring based on UV spectroscopy.  Offering reliability at low operating cost. 

Our water analysers provide live data, historic overviews and remote trigger point adjustment to suite individual unit environmental variances.
Online Water Analyser
Hydrogen Sulphide
Chlorophyll A
Dissolved oxygen

Our in-house R&D enable us tailor make products to suite individual client needs

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