Digital Signage

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Digital Signage Sensor Functions

Physical sensors autonomously monitor individual digital components helping to reduce display down-time with continuous data delivering preventative maintenance requirements with immediate fault notification. Helping to protect individual components and extend the life expectancy of hardware.

Collating live alert data delivering performance analysis that measures change in order to predict component deterioration and imminent failure.

The GTM monitoring delivers proof of play reporting for scheduled advertisement confirmation to paying customers.

Monitoring Features

Remote Analysis & Simple Adjustment Saves Time and Labour for individual unit environmental fluctuations.

∙ Live continuous routine inspections

∙ Potential remote adjustment

∙ Remote analysis pin points repair and notifies service people in adance

∙ Detects foreign intervention (can video capture vandals and warn intruders with audio)

∙ Proof of play for commercial

  • Temperature sensors package one (no limit to sensor #)
  • Humidity / Temperature
    • On our board and components representing a comparison
  • Current sensor
  • Door Access
    • Open date/time
  • Shock & Vibration alert
    • Alert date/time
  • RGB detection
    • Determines proof of play
  • Infra-red – duplicates remote control functionality for remote access from anywhere