INTERACTIVE Monitoring Solutions

Tailor designed digital monitoring providing live and historic data with flexible trigger settings which will increase the life of hardware and reduce labour costs.

Live Data

Analysis Reporting and recommendations to improve performance, reduce service/labour costs


Analysis of problematic devices
Early warning notifications, thresholds with remote adjustment


Analysis reporting for improved systems that will grow with your systems as they advance

Our Services

We are dedicated to our customer’s needs. Our core concept is to design services specific to each client.


Monitor and control the environment, we will allow you to keep track of all the information with or without internet.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signages are mission critical to modern advertising. It is essential to monitor them and know any defects before they occur.

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Water and Farm

Information is power, we will provide information regarding soil, water and wind to understand what is happening with the plant and improve the yield.

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Get what you desire

Your vision is our goal.

Every digital component is a part to a bigger picture. The GTM Monitoring solution is designed to help improve the efficiency of hardware no matter the application. We will monitor any digital system to our client’s specification. Improving quality and productivity while reducing maintenance costs will result in an increase on company returns from their investment.

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Our Team

GTM is focused on delivering the best solution to our clients.

Peter Speir

Sales Manager

The visionary who started and funded GTM project. He handles initial contact with the clients.

Leighton Corr

Prototype Electronic Engineer

An encyclopedia of electronics, Leighton has multiple decades of experience in developing a reliable product.

Ronit Ramdam BK

Software Developer

Tech savvy nerd. He has flirted with most programming language, and can program anything imaginable.

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