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An Emphasis on ‘SECURITY’: How secure is your network ? OTG.Digital raises the bar for smart home system security.

Our professional System is a superior smart home experience.  It is not reliant on the web and is not affected by internet outage.   Most cloud based systems and many of our modern luxuries, even home security systems, are dependent on connectivity.

The future is in Off The Grid Systems where you have access to the same features without being reliant on the internet.  It is the only way to guarantee your security.

Approximately 30% of technical support calls regarding smart homes are network-related.

We provide tailored systems providing the best possible network for individual homes.

Your home is your castle it’s important that luxuries and conveniences contribute to your peace of mind and not to headaches. When you are making the decision to hire a professional to design audio and video or smart home solutions, make sure you inquire about their networking experience and ask them what certifications their team has completed.

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Dedicated in delivering truly-integrated, beautiful smart homes backed with robust hardware and locally written software running Off The Grid – is a must for maximum security.

smarten up your home as part of a major renovation or as a one room at a time improvement.
Integrate your home: lighting, security, surveillance cameras in the one system.

From gizmos for the kids, keeping the clean and airy aesthetics of the house. Making technology seamlessly fit in with a beautiful home enhancing your lifestyle and functionality.

With added options to making life easier and enjoyable at the drop of a “voice command” from anywhere on the property.

lighting, security cameras, motorized shades and more ….

A favorite feature of home automation system is the ability to control the entire house from one location. With an “All Off” button when leaving the house or going to sleep, avoiding the legwork of traveling throughout the house and turning every device off manually.

Even the “All Off” can be customised. E.G. The system can be set to ensure that the one touch scene does not include kids sleeping lights or nightlights etc.
Other features are smart features like a pre-set  ‘Meeting’; determines the office is prepared with lighting and presentation equipment being fired up and ready to run so that anyone visiting can play audio or video from their laptop or mobile device from anywhere in the house.  As a dedicated visitor you can allow them an access code to the front door etc. 

The system’s security features smart locks on windows & doors automatically relocking when the doors are closed and notifications when there is unauthorized access. Cleaning staff or service people can be granted access with their own personalised access codes.  Alerts are created when unauthorised entry occurs.

Including IP cameras offer 360-degree, wide-angle views of the front entry and other areas of the house. When someone presses the front doorbell, an announcement agent fires off a chime in designated areas.  There are motion detectors so the notification can be restricted to where people are located or activate ‘do not disturb’.  Limitless control that is simple and flexible allowing for user demand.

Automated additions improve your lifestyle.  Simple mood preset buttons or voice command instantly set the desired scene. For example: “Movie time” shuts the blinds dims the light sets the temperature and brings up Netflix on the TV.


Air conditioning can be split into zones with smart motion sensors regulating temperature where people are located and turning it off when vacant.

Smart home automation turns your home into one fluid, complete, whole living environment.  Despite the extent and vast scope of the system, the system is simplistic. One remote for the entire house still with manual touch overrides in case you get over the whole thing.

The system is surprisingly easy.
BELOW: An automated switch seamlessly turns the existing retractable skylight into a smart appliance