Intelligent Environmental Monitoring

Information is power

Preventative Service & Maintenance

The GTM IEMS (Intelligent Environment Monitoring System) is an independent locally made and supported non-intrusive solution.

Local makes us adaptable unlike large corporates we will tailor design a solution for any Digital Hardware.  Monitoring individual components 24/7.

Individual component monitoring with alert settings help drastically reduce maintenance down time.  With any issue initiating a job # and the ‘repair plan’ which remains open until the job is resolved and signed off. Notifications are sent to the key personal specified by the client and in the format of choice; via email, SMS on the GTM APP.

The GTM Digital Monitoring Solution is designed to reducing;

  1. labour cost with informative fault notifications for advanced detection.  Initiating preventative maintenance procedures.
  2. reducing hardware down-time and repair time with component fault information sent to service-person prior to leaving depot.
  3. catastrophic failure results in automatic shutdown protecting and extending the life of hardware.

Digital Service & Maintenance

  • Historic report on component analysis compiles preventative service data
  • Individual unit trigger settings adjustment as no two environments will be the same
  • Alert settings and corrective step process options
  • Client authorised notifications
  • Alerts initiate new maintenance job number, logged and assigned
  • Repair accepted and actioned
  • Remote hardware access for simple repair
  • Job notifications are geographically assigned to optimise service-person route
  • Repair is logged and job # closed and filed prior to a unit reset